Where James Came From

James was born in Dekalb, IL in 1981. His parents were both teachers at the local community college. He started practicing magic from a kit that his brother had at the age of 5. By the age of 7 he entered into his 2nd grade talent show and won! He was then able to present his magic for the entire school of K-4 and about 150 students and faculty.

Janice, James’s mom, would drive him around to perform magic shows around DeKalb and surrounding cities until James got his license. She has been very supportive in his development as a magician over the years

Butch, James’s dad, has helped him build many of the pieces of magic that he performs today including the table that James performs from, his linking rings and various other props for the shows over the years.

Brian, James’s brother, helped James construct some of his first stage illusions when he was in the process of starting his construction company (Solid Construction). James was able to debut these illusions at his first stage program he put together at the age of 14 in Dekalb.

Many others including James’s teachers and other school faculty have been an inspiration to helping James develop his talents as a magician. His 6th grade principle, Mr. Burski, even taught James how to do a one handed cut with a deck of cards.

Over the last 30 years James’s magic show has taken him all over and he has performed for all types of events from strolling magic in the John Hancock buildings Signature lounge to street performing on Freemont St in Las Vegas.

James Specializes in a variety of magic from close up and personal magic for receptions and holiday parties through small stage shows that fit in any venue to full stage shows.